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  • Whole House Inspections and/or Specific Area Inspections

A thorough, visual inspection of any one or all of the following:

  • foundation
  • structure
  • exterior (grading and drainage)
  • siding
  • roof
  • attic
  • basement
  • crawl space
  • plumbing system (incl. Water heater and bathrooms and fixtures)
  • electrical system
  • heating and air conditioning system
  • kitchen (incl. Any appliances that are staying)
  • interior (windows and doors)
  • porches and decks


  • Home Seller Inspections

This inspection is for the home seller who wants to make sure their home is in the best possible condition before they put their home on the market. This inspection is designed to prevent "surprises" at then time a contract for the sale of the home is accepted and inspections performed by the buyer reveal significant issues and concerns. The inspector may also point out items that may not be deficient, but are items that will send red flags up for potential buyers.


  • Home Maintenance Inspections

This inspection is designed specifically for those homeowners who wish to learn more about their home and how they can keep it in the best possible shape. Some homeowners' may have just inherited the property or are buying it from family members. We can design an inspection package that makes sense for you.


  • Manufactured Housing or Mobile Homes Inspections

These inspections can be tailored to meet the buyers needs. Call us and we can tailor make an inspection for you.


  • Newly Constructed Home Inspection

This is a thorough inspection and report of the new home for buyers who want a punch-list or list of unfinished items for the builder to address.


  • Inspections During Construction

This is a unique service that will provide a list of things during several stages of the construction process that you may want to address with the general contractor or builder. Sometimes general contractors may not have the highest quality control methods and this is a chance for you to take your own quality control measures. Call us and we will design an inspection package that will meet your needs.


  • Specialty Inspections

  • Termite and Wood-boring Insect Inspection
  • Radon
  • Lead-based Paint Inspection or Risk Assessment
  • Chimney Inspection (or Wood Stove)
  • Asbestos Inspection
  • Geo inspections


  • FHA/VA Inspections

We can provide all of your FHA/VA inspection needs as required by your mortgage lender


  • Special Lender Inspections

  • USDA Rural Housing Thermal Inspections


  • Condominium/Townhouse/Multi-family Dwelling Inspections

These inspections can be tailored to meet the buyers needs. Call us and we can tailor make an inspection for you.

  • Commercial Building Inspections

These inspections can be tailored to meet the buyers' needs. Numerous other items not listed above may also need inspected like escalators or elevators. Give us a call and we can design an inspection package that will give you the information that you need.


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